Counselling, tailor made to meet your needs!

What is counselling?

What is Counselling?


To answer this question, I'd like you to take a moment to look at the picture on the homepage of this website. What do you see? Is she surrendering? Rejoicing? Stretching?

What do you 'make it mean'?


That's a key issue in counselling - our perspective, past experiences, current mindset, feelings, and emotions can all affect how we see something. Counselling is about understanding what drives our perspectives and making decisions about what we might like to change. Counselling is about hope,


During our sessions, I will facilitate exploration your thought processes and help you to understand how they can leave you feeling bad. I will help you to shift your perspective and see the things that bother you in a new light.  Finally, I will provide you with an emotional toolkit so you can continue making progress and feel empowered even after your therapy ends.

Counselling is a safe place for you to discuss any issues you feel are making your life uncomfortable, unmanageable or causing you distress.
Counselling is your time to think only of you without being afraid you will judged for the thoughts and feelings you have.

Integrative counselling allows me to utilise several different models of therapy to assist you in working through those problems. Most importantly you have control over what methods we will use, what you choose to discuss and in what depth: counselling is client-led. 

Counselling can be a challenging and difficult process sometimes. Some sessions may raise unfamiliar or uncomfortable feelings. We can discuss this further in our sessions to help you gain the most from your therapy.



 £40 for a 50 mins session.

£50 for Rewind Technique for PTSD (minimum of two sessions required).