Take the step!

What is stopping you from making the call, sending the email or starting a conversation about counselling? Not sure what to say? Not sure how to explain how you feel? Not sure your issues will be treated confidentially or taken seriously? Well, you're not the first client to feel this way......what we will build together is a therapeutic relationship; that means no issue is out of bounds, no judgement will be made of you because of your thoughts or the things you feel. It is normal to be anxious about meeting a stranger with who you intend to discuss personal, emotional or difficult situations - we will together create a safe space for you to talk; a place that is all about you, a place where you lead the direction of your therapy. What is the alternative to taking the step? Life can be manageable, more comfortable and most importantly counselling can help you to untangle the difficult emotions you may not understand yourself......tiptoe if you must, but take the step!

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